PSyclone provides a tutorial, part of which uses Jupyter notebooks. This can be launched from a browser using binder: https://mybinder.org/v2/gh/stfc/psyclone/master?filepath=tutorial%2Fnotebooks%2Fintroduction.ipynb/.

If PSyclone is installed on your system then you can run the tutorial locally. First find the tutorial. If you have installed PSyclone using pip then the examples may be found in share/psyclone/tutorial/notebooks under your Python installation (see here for possible locations). Next, copy the tutorial to a local writable space (as the notebooks will be modified as you go through the tutorial) and change directory to this tutorial. Lastly, start up the tutorial’s introduction jupyter-notebook introduction.ipynb.

Another part of the tutorial are practicals that provide hands-on introductions to various functionality contained in the LFRic and NEMO APIs. The sections in the included directories are worked through using PSyclone in a “normal” Linux environment.


Hands-on practicals are not currently included in a PSyclone installation.